Process Writing in a Product-Oriented Context: Challenges and Possibilities

9 07 2014

revista brasileira de linguistica aplicada


I’d like to ask my interlocutors for permission to share an article of mine that was just published in a renowned Brazilian journal called Revista Brasileira de Linguística Aplicada. It is based on my doctoral research and here is the abstract:

This case study analyzed to what extent localized process writing pedagogy is applicable and effective in an EFL context and how students respond and react to it. A class of 16 intermediate-level teenage students in an ELT Institute in Brazil was selected. A carefully planned project on process-based writing was followed, and students’ performance in and reactions to each stage of the process were analyzed. Concurrently, the study also investigated the teaching of writing in students’ native language – Portuguese – in their regular schools. It could be concluded that the teaching of writing in the regular schools focuses more on the product than on the process and that a pedagogical approach focused on the process in the EFL classroom can serve to fill in the gaps left by the students’ experiences with writing in L1.

It took me a while to have this article published and I´m glad that it came out in a Brazilian journal, but I’m also glad it is in English, enabling me to expand my circle of interlocutors. If you are interested in the topic, have a look and let me know what you think. Feedback will be very much appreciated!




2 responses

20 07 2014
Eneida Coaracy

Congratulations on your accomplishments, Isabela. I was happy to know that your findings in your research about writing in a product-oriented context x one that follows a pedagogical approach that focuses on process writing in the EFL classroom confirm what I suspected when I was in the classroom teaching advanced students: that it fills the gaps in these Ss’ writing experiences in L1. I remember having frequently heard them say that they had only really learned to write a good, solid paragraph in their English classes. Great!

20 07 2014

Thank you so much for taking your time to read it, Eneida. Yes, I wanted to confirm scientifically what we had suspected all along.

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