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When I thought about a blog name, many ideas came to my mind: thinking about TEFL, talking about TEFL, reflecting about TEFL, problematizing TEFL, etc., etc. Everything I could think of had a gerund in it. Then I thought, “Why not just make it a gerund – TEFLing.” Don’t we say “to google” or “googling”? So we can also say TEFLing, which means all of the above – talking about, thinking about, reflecting about, problematizing, etc. etc.

I’ve been in the Teaching English as a Foreign Language Field for 26 years, working in the same institution – Casa Thomas Jefferson, Brasília –  all these years. For some, this might seem unimaginable. The fact is that even though I’ve been in the same institution all these years, my job has changed a lot over time, and so has the institution. Thus, it seems like I’ve had many different jobs in many different institutions. I started as a teacher, and then became a Course Supervisor. After a few years, I was promoted to Pedagogical Consultant, and today I’m the General Academic Coordinator, a position that is typically called Director of Studies in other language programs.

While working at CTJ, I managed to take a one-year-and-a-half leave and get a Master’s Degree in TESL from Arizona State University and then, between 2005 and 2008, I juggled my job and my duties as a doctoral student in Education at Universidade de Brasília. All these years, I’ve also invested in my professional development by participating and presenting in local, national, and international conferences. Though I enjoy reading about a variety of topics in ELT, my main interests are Second Language Writing, Teacher Development, Leadership, Assessment, and more recently, Distance and Blended Learning. Right now I’m learning how to use MOODLE while teaching a Blended class on Writing for Teachers.

I also try to keep abreast of current developments in our field by being a member of associations, such as TESOL, ASCD, Braz-TESOL and, more recently, IATEFL, and reading interesting blogs by many inspiring colleagues in Brazil and around the world. But my greatest source of learning every day are definitely my colleagues from work.


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10 04 2012
Daniela A. Meyer

You are definitely a very inspiring person, not to mention a terribly competent professional. I’m proud to be a colleague and a friend. Who knows, I might even find time to blog myself… ;)) Thanks for the inspiration, Isabela, and a very detailed and profound first post!

10 04 2012

I’m inspired by great professionals and friends like you, Daniela.

25 05 2012
Gerson Penha

Prezada Isabela,

a respeito da campanha publicitária da Open English, encaminho para seu conhecimento link com o posicionamento da empresa em relação à questão.



27 05 2012

Obrigada, Gerson. Ficamos muito felizes com o posicionamento da empresa, desculpando-se pelo ocorrindo e retirando o comercial do ar. Obrigada!

30 08 2013

Ohh my, I was a big fan of you without even knowing that you have a blog and also all these things about your career and professional life. I met you in TDC 2 and you were one of the best teachers I have had in my life. After reading your blog, I am more facinated for you, dear Isabela. Please, keep doing what you are doing and a big difference in our lives, as students.

All the best

31 08 2013

I’m really flattered! I started this blog after you were my student. I wanted to write about TEFL without necessarily having to write a formal article to publish in a journal. I’ve been enjoying the experience and the feedback I’ve been getting. I just feel sorry that I don’t have as much time to write as I wish I did… Thank you so much for contributing!

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