Why don’t we talk about writing?

11 08 2016

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The fabulous 15th Braz-TESOL International Conference ended almost a month ago and I am still processing all the information I acquired in the many presentations I attended during the event. The program was varied both in terms of topics and presenters, and everything I chose to watch was meaningful in one way or another. I myself gave a talk, together with my colleague and CTJ course supervisor Silvia Caldas, on how we adopt and adapt the process-genre approach to writing in our context.

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On paradigms and mindsets: a challenge for 2015

8 01 2015

As we are beginning a new year and many of us are enjoying our well-deserved summer vacations in the southern hemisphere, in my post today I’m going to relate my vacation experience with what I’m currently reading and propose a new year challenge.

On our summer vacations, my husband and I have always favored calmer places; spending our summers in a large city packed with tourists has never been our idea of the ideal vacation. When we see a huge crowd, we usually turn the other way.

However, this time a special family situation led us to spend our summer vacation in Rio de Janeiro on perhaps the most crowded period of the year – from December 26 through January 05. Because we were there, we also decided to go see the fireworks in Copacabana on December 31. After all, when would we be in Rio again during this time of year? We might as well go and check out what many have described as an unforgettable experience. And indeed not only was it magnificent, it was also surprisingly more peaceful and organized than we had imagined. For us, it was a paradigm shift, doing something we would never have planned in other circumstances. We were there and we seized the opportunity. And it was well worth it.

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